Multitech Conduit LoRaWAN gateway should be connected to "P+D/OUT" port of the PoE Injector. If you have internet (from a router's ethernet), you can connect it to "Data/IN" of the PoE Injector. If you don't connect internet line to "Data/IN", the gateway will use cellular for transporting data to the Cloud.

Once you connect the gateway, observe the LEDs 
through the round window at the bottom. There are 4 LEDs, and their meaning is as below:
  • PWR should be solid green.
  • STATUS should blink upon gateway's bootup completion.
  • L1 (cellular registration indicator) - should blink slowly if connected to cell network
  • L2 (cellular data connection indicator) - should blink when data is being transferred over cellular
Cellular antennas (2 short ones) should be connected at the bottom of the gateway. LoRa antenna (the big one) should be connected to top, right connector. And, the GPS antenna should be connected to the top, left.

If the gateway still does not show connected, please record a short video of the LEDs, and take a photo of the unit from high and low angles, showing antenna/cable connections and attach to the support ticket.